Monday, 21 August 2017

Everything is Changing

My exercise routine is getting interesting everyday, so I use something called "Smart Wonder Core" for my exercises. I do a strength plan with it, I remember when I first I touched, and tried to use it, one of the exercises is to push up and down with your hand, all I could do is push it down a little, it was even going down 😂😂, I was not disturbed by that, I was strong because His word says “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified or dismayed (intimidated), for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”” ‭‭JOSHUA‬ ‭1:9‬ ‭AMP‬‬ He commanded me to be strong, He is with me and I can do all things by Jesus Christ, what a glorious feeling. So today (arranges my body to type the next sentence 😁) I was was doing the pull up with my hands, do you know that I could use my right hand to drop the wonder core down? And it went down!!!!! I could not believe it, I did it again and again, the same result, if this happened, it means in no time I will be writing perfecting with my right hand ooo glory to God. See you can't feel my joy because you didn't wake one morning and found out that your right body was dead and you could not raise your right hand, you love to write, you even buy fancy notebooks to write poems, business ideas etc and now you look at your right hand, its useless, it's frustrating I tell you but I didn't care, atleast I have my phone and laptop to write all the things I have to write. I am so happy that strength is coming to my hand, I measure the strength, I see it coming from the top, I do this strength plan to measure it and it is working, oh Jesus Jesus Jesus, I love to praise Your name. Maybe today if you ask me for a free shirt, I might give you o, maybe....that's how happy I am today, so happy. Remember this God loves you no matter what and if you or your family members are struggling with strength, please claim this testimony and in no time they will get their strength back..Amen

Saturday, 19 August 2017


I found a new place, It's a different place, I can't even describe the place to you, Except that when i'm there I feel so much peace, This place makes me fall in love over and over. This new place has changed my life, It has given me hope, I don't even hear my past life yell at me, It's like when I step into the place, My past is gone, really gone, It calls to me to be myself in this place. I'm so into this new place, The place preaches love, peace and grace, It says i've been forgiven, It says im loved, I know you are curious to know this place I found. This new place is You Jesus, I love you for sacrificing this much for me, I'm so into you and the beautiful thing is, You are also into me, You loved me before I loved You, Jesus, this is a love poem to You.

Thursday, 17 August 2017


This poem is for those who are in a kinda bondage because they are in a clique they don't want, people who want to chase their dreams in peace etc..Read and be blessed.  

For all the fellas out there,
Let me live and breathe,
To all the ladies out there,
Let me be me.

I don't want to do more than I can,
Don't push me,
I don't want to become what I cannot become,
Let me be me.

Do your thing and I will do my thing,
I don't want to do your thing,
I just want to be free,
Let me be me.

I no longer enjoy being under your shadow, 
I found me in all the difficulties of me being you, 
I found a fresh breathe of air, 
Whether you like it or not, I am ME.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


You woke today right? That's a reason to thank God. If you woke up with a terrible pain or a serious illness, God still woke you up, to face the pain and tell it that it doesn't have space in your body, you really don't know. So if you woke up today you better praise God for saving you throughout the night and He is going to guide you through this day. Why am I saying this, because one really handsome guy died yesterday, when I saw the picture I was like 'ahhh this fine boy, the potential father to cute kids', he went to Benson Idahosa University. So you see, tomorrow is not sure for us, so when we are opportuned to open our eyes to see this glorious day, please we have to thank God for that privilege we enjoy, like I said, tomorrow is not sure. I'm sure the boy had meetings to attend through out this month or he told his friends he will met them up at a place yesterday only to wake up vomiting and stooling, and i'm sure he thought it was what the doctors could handle, next thing he went to the hospital and died. Haaaa this one pain me o..see this fine boy, died just like that. I'm not saying this to scare you, no, i am saying you have to drop your phone and everything around right now and just thank God for His mercies. Be good to everyone, forgive seven times seventy seven, give to the needy, life your life everyday like it's your last. We are counting young people that have died, so we are not even sure of today, know God so you know where you are going when you die even though we all pray for long life, we still have to know God. For the boy's family and friends I pray that God sends the holy spirit to comfort them in Jesus Name..Amen. God thank You for fighting the battles for us to wake up and function right today, thank You Lord. Amen. God loves you no matter what.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Call Upon Jesus

I remember when a friend I used to know in secondary school reached out to me, she said she can talk to me. Her problem was that she was having bad dreams, she dreads sleeping, she was eating in her dreams in the house of her birth, when she wakes up, pain in her stomach region. She went to the hospital and they are seeing pre-cancer. I could see an attack from the enemy, when she knows who she is in Christ, all these will be over. She contacted me late 2016, I can't remember the month but I was still in Delta State. I led her to Christ, I gave some confessions to say before bed, we started the journey together. When you know who you are in Christ, nothing is impossible for you, no matter how ordinary you think you are, a little faith is what you need to overcome any mountain. Before we knew it, the bad dreams of 3years stopped. And to add, about the lump in her body, she went to the hospital after taking holy communion I gave her, the lump had shrunk badly, she has another treatment or check up in december and hey Baby, they will not find anything because of your faith in God. To top it all, she got a promotion in her company after one year of service, so many good news coming from her. I pray for you, the God that is working in her life, will do much more in your own life. To you my friend, remember that the manifestation of the power of God is not in freeing you from the bad dream nor the cancer threat, no, it's for you to use this story to lead people to Christ. If there is anybody that is having bad dreams like she use to have, please claim the testimony that your testimony will be bigger than this one. You can contact me to give you some confession you can say and if you want counseling you can meet me. Please if you are under attack, know that you are God's own and nothing bad can be happening to you. God loves you no matter what.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


The manifestation of the power of God is not the signs and miracles we see today, no, it just flows with sharing the word of God. The manifestation of the power of God is in leading people who are lost, who thinks the word of God which is Jesus is absolutely folly, rubbish, and these people are on their way to perdition, the manifestation is leading them to Jesus. The reason why God saved me and all the people that God has saved from death is tell our story to drag people to Him, so they know that He is real. Yesterday my friend sent me a message let me share it with you "Ena anytime I watch ur videos it's an inspiration and confirmation that God really exist cause I've seen how He has transformed your life." And I've gotten messages like that they read my posts and it's inspiring to them. God really exists and that's what i'm trying to tell you, through my story, stories that i've heard from different people, what happened to them and how God saved their lives. How about the people that spoke to me, that they want my number, from this instagram, share their problems with me and first I led them to Christ because they were willing to give their life to Christ, they were and some are right now going through hell and didn't know where to turn. I saw the manifestation of the power of God in them when they accepted Christ, and I always encourage them that the God who did this for me will change their life in no time, I don't want the sheep that God gave me to go astray again, and He is doing just that in their life changing their life. They might be people who gave their life to Christ in reading my post without contacting me, that's why I write and do videos, my writings are actually copied and pasted from my blog, that's why it's so long but I really people to read it, it might be the answer to their questions, it might be the word God wants to speak to them that will change their lives, it might be anything to them. Tomorrow I'll share a testimony from what God shares through my instagram page. Remember God loves you no matter what.

Monday, 7 August 2017

I had fun yesterday, it was a fun-filled Sunday for me and this morning i'm like why did it end, but i'm rest assured by Jesus that my week will be more fun than yesterday. Let me start from church, yesterday morning, I didn't feel like going to church yesterday, I picked my bible and read 1 Peter 4:12-19, you know, I was kinda uncomfortable in reading it, please read it yourself because I wont put it up. I wanted confirmation that God really loves me and I didn't want to go to church, my spirit was tugging me to go to @thetribelagos hmmm I did not understand because I have never been there, even though my friend @drfoy was there, so I obeyed my spirit (it's really important to obey your spirit, it is how God communicates with you, I once disobeyed my spirit and I got it hot, I actually made an enemy and I really felt bad and sorry for not obeying God. That story is for another time but please obey the holy spirit in you.) and got ready to go, my cousin dropped me off. The service was too wonderful, it was the answer I was looking for earlier. The Pastor @ferdyadimefe was preaching the truth!!!! It was an answer to my confusion, I wanted to hear that God still loves me and I learnt from the gathering, @ferdyadimefe said it's not a church, IT'S AN EXPRESSION OF LOVE. Truly it's an expression of God's love, they don't judge anyone, they just and release all the problems they have to God which I also did. It's funny how God moves us to a place where He wants to teach us something. God moved me to the gathering because He wanted me to know that He is always here for me because really I was not in the church mood. I went back home and got ready for @entrepreneurshangout_ng it was mehn!!!! interesting and I enjoyed myself. I was outside enjoying the fresh breeze and I was thinking, God is so good to me, see, in November 2015 my situation was bad, I could not walk or talk and now i'm talking, i'm saying "fresh breeze" lol. As I making a video with my sister @rukitoje as I was posing and turning around, my mind was full of thoughts, God really saved me for a purpose, and this purpose, I will live it out until I die. Thank You almighty God for everything you have done and still doing in my life. If He could do this much in my life, He can do much more in your life. People see me and confess that there is God upstairs, if your situation is just like mine in November 2015, Your case is too small for God to handle, You can see that I can walk and talk and even dance, you too will survive like I did. Thank You Jesus. God loves you so much