Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Today, I read Chapter 35 of Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.The name of the chapter is "God's Power In Your Weakness". As I was reading it, it entered mehn and the "Question to Consider" said; Am I limiting God's power in my life by trying to hide my weaknesses? What do I need to be honest about in order to help others?
The truth is I am weak, I go on everyday because I know that God got me and He is leaving me alive for a purpose. Everytime I notice one improvement I get so happy and that motivates me more to write about Jesus to you everytime. I know that you can think that I'm so strong and it's good for me, sometimes I ask people if they will do if stroke happens to them, they always say "I will just die" or something else that can keep my spirit down for a moment but I know that God allowed it for a purpose. Sometimes I sit down and think that I can't wait for me to walk alright, and write normally, I can't wait for me to go to Lagos and continue my life, but I've decided that I will go to Lagos anyway, before April I will get better more than this, in april I can do all sort of things with my right hand. I too have fears and weaknesses and I will list some of it one by one and the possible solutions that I've given to the weakness;
1. I have the fear of acceptance, i'm scared that they wont accept me when I come to lagos, that they will think I have come to burden them, at work and at the house but in every problem you have to have a solution. That's why I postponed my coming to enable me to work hard for my hand and leg so that I know I'm well enough and to save money for my coming, I need money to live in Lagos, I won't go back broke, I have to save enough money to live on that's why i'm selling satin bonnets and my braiding business. 
2. I sometimes don't agree with my mom, before, I will shout and she will shout, we will quarrel, and I've decided to not shout back again and she too have not been shouting, whenever she says something on the stroke that I think I can't do it, I say No and she doesn't argue anymore, but sometimes I get worried that it will get to the former state again. 
3. I get the fear that I won't get back to what I was, I get worried that I'll be limping all my life like Jacob and nobody will not like me that I won't get married like this, so I pray that I wont be limping that God has said He will make me a new person, better than before, but the feeling lingers and I fight it with the right information, I listen to encouraging messages and I get encouragement from the message, I think that what God has for me is so big, bigger than me, His plans for me are for my good not for my failure, so I'm assured that I will recover the use of my hand and I will run in no time. I don't even get embarrassed when I'm with my friends, it takes alot of guts for me to feel ok when we hang out or when I go to their house and when I go to shops to market my satin caps.
I've shared my weakness and again don't you think it took guts to share my past life? To share with you the bisexualism, how I slept with a married guy, the drugs, and the details of it in my book that I've finished writing and it's going through editing, not caring what my family will say,it took guts, it took the holy spirit to give me the courage to reveal all my past life because I know that God wants to use it to help people. So if you are weak, God wants to use you for His glory, He wants to separate you from the whole world and mould your weakness into strength. He gave me the strength that i'm walking in today. Don't forget God loves you no matter what. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Focus On The Faith And Forget The Circumstance

I'm here to talk to you, YOU yes YOU. I'm not here to judge you, no I'm not, the bible says Judge not. If I judge, maybe the devil will come and tempt me with the very thing that I judged you with. And I'm not here to tell you "Please come with me to my church" but you can decide to come and see where I get motivation. I'm here to talk to you about the faith that you have to focus on. When you focus on the faith, you will see yourself gradually splitting from sin, come first to Jesus and forget about your circumstances, Jesus loves the filthy clothes and He liked to wash it sparkling clean, I'm telling you this. It doesn't matter that you are smoking, taking the hardest drugs, you are a drunkard, you are a bisexual, homo sexual, lesbians, adulteress, hey it doesn't matter. Is it not this same Jesus that said Come to me with all your heavy burden, He will you peace? And He is the one that has assured you to clean you up off sin. So I tell you, I'm here to speak to you reading this, I won't judge you because I didn't even know when I stopped all the bad things but I knew that I gave my life to Christ, I told Him to take over, and He really took over. If you see me now and you used to know me like 3 years back, you will not believe it, i'm asking my friends "do you believe that this is Ena preaching to you now? I'm sure their answer is NOOOOOO. Hey I was still doing all the bad things when I decided to put Jesus in charge, even if I was doing all the bad things, I was always going to church every wednesday and sunday and last friday of every month for all night, you won't believe that I may have been high on marijuana and I will take the highness to church, I didn't care, I would go to church to cry that "Hey Jesus, I thought you will take all these things from me" and He did. Like I said, I didn't even know when I stopped all this bad habits, like growth that you don't see until it happens and you look at the mirror and say "I've grown.
So whatever your problem is, just come and give your life to Christ and we will focus on your faith, and Jesus will do all other things about your life, He will send the Holy Spirit that will continue to convict you when you sin, so you will feel bad when you do something, you will feel "I don't want to hurt Jesus" and immediately you will pray for forgiveness. Living the Jesus way is not easy, we all sin everyday but I assure you, it's not that of sin of before, in trying to be Christlike we often sin like if we have hot temper and we flare up and Jesus spoke against, we immediately pray for forgiveness because we don't want to hurt Jesus, we are conscious of His presence every single day. I promise I'll be putting more of God's words on twitter, instagram, my blog etc for you to read so your faith gets stronger, and you have my number, you have my mail, you can always beep me to ask questions that you don't understand, im not saying that I understand everything but what I don't know, i'll ask Jesus' people. Reading the word is a very good start so please be reading every message that I post as the spirit leads. This is not me writing, I am only a vessel for God, that is using me and I don't mind. I know you are reading this, I talking to YOU YES YOU,  Do you know how much God loves you? He sent His son to die for you, that's how He loves you. God loves you no matter what.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Wisdom of The Jews.

The wisdom of the Jews
Do you know Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew, Bloomberg, the owner of Manchester, David Beckham the footballer that is highest paid,Micheal Dell the owner of Dell computers, so many people in the world that have accomplished so much in the world are Jews. I was like "wow, I didn't know that they were jews". Not every white man is a white man, some are Jews. They are fulfilling the promise of Abraham, just look at Deuteronomy 28:1-14, you really have to take your bible because I dont have the strength to put it here for you to read, I want you to read it by yourself  and claim the blessings and hey its not about claiming the blessings without doing anything legal. The verse 4 says  ““Blessed shall be the fruit of your body, the produce of your ground and the increase of your herds, the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flocks.”
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭28:4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ 
Do you know that the Jews started banking? Fulfilling this verse of the same chapter “You shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow.”
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭28:12‬ ‭NKJV‬
They own the bank, they can't burrow. The Jews started farming?
That means you have to work before God blesses. I'm writing this article because of you who is lazy to pick a broom, who decide to pick prostitution, 419 etc, all sorts of illegal business, do you see God bless all this illegal things? No No No, He doesn't. You even decide to be gay and follow gay people that sleep with rich men, it's so wrong. 
I found out that making money legally is so easy, I might not be making so much money now but in a FEW years time my effort will bring fruits because I am entitled to the promises of God like the JEWS. In 5 years time because God is already doing these things in my life, you will see me, my braiding business will be booming, my satin caps will be sold all around the world, I will be preaching Jesus in so many places, I will progress in my law practice, be giving to people in need anyhow etc, when I'm 30. I already know this, don't joke with the promises of God when you are doing His wish and working hard. Many lazy people say this verses of the bible and mean it by shouting it over theirselves without doing the needful, WORKING for God to bless their fruits, this is really common in Nigeria. Hey, stop being lazy, stop using the God given wisdom to offer yourself to men and women, duping people of their own money, they are legal ways of doing this with your brain. 
Let me go to our level, a Nigerian doing farming, Shola Ladoja, the owner of Simply Green Juice, whether he is a christian or not I really dont know, because I couldn't find it on the internet, he started with N250,000.00 but now, he is making millions from his farm. Some of you will say ooo he is the son of a former Governor that why he is making it, a son that is working his ass out. He gives to people too, this is what I got from an interview; 

Do you engage in any Social Enterprise/Giving Back ? 
Absolutely, we believe in giving back to our community. We have built a school where Real Livestock Limited is located, and developed boreholes for the communities around us. We also allow the locals to use portions of our land (free of charge) to cultivate so that they can generate income to feed their families.
This is giving to God, giving to people in need is giving to God, why won't God bless his produce? He gets good harvest every single time, he is also fulfilling Deut.28:1-14, he is obeying God by doing all this things for the poor, for the communities that he has helped.
It's not the jews that can obey God, we too in Nigeria can obey God and get His promises too, they where once normal people before they grew, so hey normal people, obey God and get His promises. God loves you no matter what.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Where is your Bible?

 Proverbs 4:20-22 "My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart; For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭4:20-22‬ ‭NKJV especially verse 22, it says that the word is health to my flesh so as I read the word regularly it is the medicine I need, and it says also "those who find them, it is life to them". Alot of people have the holy Bible but they don't touch it, it's still new, some people buy a fine holy Bible for when they decide to go to church and in church they don't even touch it because the church has made it easier with projectors showing us the scriptures that the pastor says and at the end, they don't open it. They are people that don't have a bible, so the only way they hear the word is church or they don't go to church and they don't hear nor read it at all. That same Bible is saying "hey Seyi, Bisi, Catherine don't let the words of the Bible depart from your eyes, keep it and meditate with it". 
The word of God brings life, I remember when I could not read, my brain was fuzzy but I remember asking anybody, my aunty, my cousin to read the bible to me, read my daily devotion from my phone to me. My cousin that I once told her to read me a Rick Warren's devotion when I was in the sick bed, few weeks ago that cousin called me that she subscribed to Rick Warren's devotion since that day and she has been consistent with the reading. This is someone that was struggling to read something about the bible everyday, maybe she will be late for her work and forget to read the bible or she just doesn't want to read, but she is consistent with this, I was so happy because devotions come with at least one verse of the scriptures, it is an indirect way of reading the bible. So why don't you read a scripture as soon as you get up from the bed? One scripture a day as you get down from your bed. Set an alarm for you to wake up earlier than you wake up because you don't joke with the word of God, get your devotion or buy one today. Read a verse from the bible everyday, before you know you will be interested in reading the next scriptures and meditating it throughout your day, when you think about how God loves you so much and all the promises that He has for you in the Bible. I'm telling you, YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, you will see yourself happy beneath and have joy when you go about your everyday routine. If you don't know what verses to read everyday after you open your bible, my number is open to you all, you can chat me up on whatsapp or call me, my email is and share your challenges, I will share some scriptures regarding your challenges.
God loves you no matter what.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Eric lives on....

Eric lives on...

When I first saw a picture of Eric Arubayi, a gospel singer, he sings for House on The Rock Lagos, and the person posted RIP Eric Arubayi, I was shocked, I said maybe the person got wrong information because I checked his fellow choirs page and I didn't see his picture. After church, everybody was posting his picture on instagram, confirming his death. I was so shocked again but at the same time I was happy that he had gone home to heaven, to sing to the Lord. I thought to myself, if a young popular christian can die so soon, that means you and I can die too. I did not believe that anyone that is in house on the rock choir can die, because they are doing the work of God. But I remembered too that I read a devotion few day ago, that a christian young man died and everybody was like even if he dies young, he went to heaven. During burial his uncle that always refuses to listen to preaching about Jesus, gave his life to Jesus that same day, maybe he was wondering that why did the young guy die? He was too young but hey he died peacefully knowing that he will make heaven, so why don't he give his life to this same Christ so that if he wants to die, he will die knowing that he will go to heaven. 
Everybody is surprised to know about Eric's death, it happened for a good thing, so you know that if a christian handsome young man can die, you know that you can also die, why don't you accept Christ so that you know you can die this minute but you are going to heaven. I sympathize with his beautiful beautiful wife and his handsome son but hey be comforted that Eric has gone to heaven. And his legacy will live on after all Christian Songs don't go on extinction. God loves you and I know the holy spirit is with you comforting you.

Friday, 10 February 2017

God Made You To Add Life On Earth

God made you to add life on earth.
I'm not saying God made you as a woman to get pregnant every time to add to the earth, no i'm not. Give something back, give your talent back, give that God's purpose for you back. As God told Jeremiah in the bible ““Before I made you in your mother’s womb, I chose you. Before you were born, I set you apart for a special work. I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.””
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭1:5‬ ‭NCV‬‬

Im like wow God so before I came to the earth Someone knew me and chose me and set me apart for a special work. After knowing this truth from the Bible, you have to know that I don't serve God out of fear or guilt or even duty, but out of joy.
Let me tell you a story that happened to me and some other girls in secondary school.
A senior just came to us that she had a vision that the world was ending in few days and we should give our lives to Christ now that we have time. You need to see us panicking, afraid, we began to give our life to Christ in fear. I went to Word of Faith, Benin City, Nigeria (i'm so glad that I don't have to write Benin and stop. Thanks to social media, im writing to the world, Thank you Jesus, so I have to state 'Nigeria').
So every morning we have morning devotion in church, during assembly, before prep in the evening, and after prep. You really need to see us praying in all the devotions in fear, we didn't even know God, we didn't have Him on ur side, our front, our behind that 'Jesus, I give my life to you please take me to heaven when the trumpet sounds.
But when the day came and went, we didn't see anything, we turned to our normal life, it's like we un-gave our life to Christ. 
So you have to know Christ personally, don't just jump in fear that the world is ending tomorrow, or they had a dream of you dying and they said give your life to Christ today etc. Give your life to Him when you get that encounter with God that's why we preach His message to you to change and we are so calm about it, we don't just say "oh the world is ending now, you have to give your life to Jesus now" inflicting fear in your mind, hey if I was Jesus, I wouldn't want that. Give your life to Him to know the special work that He has created you for, so that you can add to the world through the special work.
God loves you no matter what.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

I'm Walking On Sunshine

I'm reading Pupose Driven Life by Rick Warren and it gives me hope everyday I life it all to read. It's a chapter per day and last night I read Chapter 25, Transformed by Trouble and hey, it taught me so much, that circumstances build your character. Instead of asking God 'why' you really have to ask 'what do you want me to do'. 
And I listened to Joshua Selman and he said in measuring your level of success is by how you have imparted people positively through your life. I've learnt that success is not about how many cars you have or how many assets you have, but how many people you have imparted positively. You might be rich but how many people are you imparting with your riches?
I intend to impart people positively with my lifestyle, I already know that financially I will be rich because of the promise of God and i'm planning how I will win souls to God already with the wealth, hey I'm already doing it with the little I have. 
Your life should be the perfect lifestyle of how you enjoy your relationship with Jesus. 
My friend called me yesterday and I told him, I want to cut my hair stylishly like I did back in school, he said why don't I do it when I have recovered fully, he meant well I know but hey I will have to wait!!!! to recover fully to make my yanga??!! Nah mehn, if you see me always unkept and you are in the same boat that I am, recovering from partial stroke, what will you think? You will think your life is over, you think i'm not trying again and so you will not try again. I intend to encourage people in the same condition that their life is not over. Just like my friend showed me a picture of a girl, she was burnt and healing @_ju_superhuman_ is her handle on instagram, I looked at her page and hey she is living her life, she is encouraging people that just because a bad thing happened to you, you think your life is over, no it's not, be happy that God saved your life. 
I'm living my normal life, doing my yanga not withstanding the circumstances, i'm enjoying my relationship with my very Own Jesus and nothing else matters to me. 
God loves you no matter what.